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Charities Within Reach (CWR) started with a desire to “pay it forward,” and see if a small group of committed people really can change the world, or at least a small corner of it.


Initially, it was just Judy LaBuda, taking suitcases of school supplies to rural hilltribe villages, schools and orphanages in various Southeast Asia countries, and then returning home with the suitcases full of souvenirs. Eventually she moved on to providing piglets, building water wells and, along with a group of other supporters, had a home built for a family of 6 in a rural village outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia.


After discovering a small children’s home in Northern Thailand in 2008, Judy was profoundly touched by the limited educational, emotional and financial resources available to so many children. Based simply on the geographical place of their birth, these children often seemed destined to a life of hunger and hopelessness.



Realizing how even small donations could significantly alter the lives of these children, Judy initiated a long-term project committed to enhancing the educational and vocational opportunities available to impoverished hilltribe children in northern Thailand. Children in this area of Thailand, known as the “Golden Triangle,” are often plagued with a life filled with human and drug trafficking.


Judy is joined by her other committed board members and more than 40 volunteers who have traveled to Chiang Rai to work at children’s homes. This group created Charities Within Reach, a non profit organization that has improved and altered the lives of hundreds of children. These children may only be a very small part of a large global community, but they are children whose lives will develop and grow far beyond their prior expectations and dreams. The horizons of hope have opened up to each of them and the change in their lives will impact the lives of everyone they touch.

We cannot change the world, but one step at a time we can change the lives of the children who reside it it. Please join us and be a part of changing the lives of these children who live in this one tiny corner of the world. 


Chiang Rai, Thailand

Colorado, USA

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