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Charities Within Reach (CWR) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the vision of providing shelter, care, and educational support for homeless, abandoned and poor children. The mission of Charities Within Reach is to develop homelike, loving, living environments to provide nutritious sustenance, school uniforms, supplies, support for education, and a quality of life that will permit children to reach their full potential, and to become contributing members of their community and country.


The objectives of CWR are first and foremost to recognize and evaluate the vital needs of children who are experiencing extreme stress, work with the community to identify the specific needs and goals of each child, and to deliver those goods and services in a caring environment, in partnership with local onsite staff, and in cooperation with community and family supported goals. 


98.1% of all funds donated go directly to support the children and 1.9% is used for administrative costs.

*2020 YTD figure as of 11/2/20



Promise Home

​After spending several years trying to protect impoverished hilltribe children in Northern Thailand, one of our Thai friends suggested that we consider sponsoring our own children’s home. The seed was planted and this idea has taken root, continuing to grow today.

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