We are a volunteer board who share in the passion to help the children of Northern Thailand Hill Tribes. 

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Heather McCarthy

Heather McCarthy has been actively involved with Charities Within Reach since its beginning. Heather spent a year in Thailand at Promise Home helping get it running and the children safely situated. In 2014, Heather returned to the United States and currently works as a Program Coordinator in Radiology at UCHealth and as a barista at Starbucks. Heather regularly travels back to Chiang Rai for visits and "check-ins", attempting to visit at least twice a year. Heather's continued focus for the children is to provide them with a loving family environment, healthy living and the opportunity for a good education. The positive impact that Charities Within Reach is having is tremendous- There are two girls at University with another planning to go next year and one of the boys is starting technical school to study Architecture. Heather's greatest joy is that everyone at Promise Home calls her Mom. 

Max Koch
Vice President

Max Koch is an Executive Assistant for Healthy Minds Innovations, a nonprofit focused on well-being. Having discovered Charities Within Reach through a family friend, Max inquired about and pursued the opportunity to spend the fall of 2013 as a long-term volunteer at Promise Home. Moved by his experience with the kids of Promise Home, and with admiration towards the work that Charities Within Reach was and continues to accomplish, Max was eager to continue his efforts to make a positive difference in the lives of the kids of Promise Home and others in need in the Chiang Rai area by accepting an invitation to join the Board of Directors in January 2016. “Once you meet the kids that have been impacted so positively by Charities Within Reach, it’s impossible to imagine a world where you no longer share a powerful connection with them.”

Joan Lee


Joan Lee, Treasurer, is a retired registered nurse. She worked for 27 years for a company that provided case management services to insurance carriers and large employers. Joan and her husband, Denny, have been married for over 50 years.  Together, they travelled to Thailand in 2011 and 2013, and Joan has returned at least annually since that time.   Her training specialty in acute care nursing is pediatrics and she has always loved children. They have two sons; one is a registered nurse and the other is a Colorado State Trooper; and two granddaughters. Joan loves to travel, volunteer, read and hike the mountains of Colorado. “I joined the board to be part of a project that makes an ongoing difference in the lives of children.  They come from such difficult backgrounds and yet they always have a smile and are so appreciative of us and our donors.”  

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Judy LaBuda
Board Member


Judy LaBuda is in the legal profession and discovered a small children’s home in July 2008 on a trek through Northern Thailand her sister Jane and her niece Claire.  The children captivated her heart and she has returned many times, with family and friends, including her two adult children, Brent and Jessica. When asked why Judy was on the board, she replied, “In my heart, I understand and embrace what Margaret Mead meant when she said, "Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has."  Judy lives in the small Colorado community. Her life passions are traveling, family and friends and living in a "just world". 

  Jackie Osborn
   Board Member

Jackie Osborn has enjoyed volunteering for many years and could not say no to this brilliant opportunity to work with this fine group at Charities Within Reach. Jackie originated in NY and finished her education in CO and never left. She was managing partner at Bolder Staffing, Inc. for 26 years and after selling in 2018, Jackie volunteers with several organizations including CWR for the last 16 years. She is happy to lend some marketing strengths and direct help to provide educational opportunities for remote Northern Thailand Hill Tribe children so they may lead enriched lives and pursue a path to their dreams or give back to their country of origin. I have been amazed at the level of commitment and results that the board members, volunteers, and our donors, YOU, have given so purely.

  Dana Dodge
   Board Member

Dana Dodge has worked in the computer technology field for over 25 years within the network device and monitoring, mass storage and satellite imagery industries. Dana holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from Purdue University and a Master of Science from Carnegie Mellon University. She is a wife and mother of two children residing in a small town outside Boulder, CO.  "Having financed my graduate and post graduate studies through the donations of scholarship and fellowship programs, I am motivated to positively influence and create opportunities for children. I realize the difference this organization makes in the lives of others and I am extremely fortunate and excited to be a part of CWR."

We sincerely thank you, and most certainly, the children thank you.