Bethany Children’s Home was founded by Pastor Prathuan Wannasri and his wife Supannee in 2006 in an attempt to provide a spiritual and physical home, as well as an education, for many poverty stricken hilltribe children.   It became a registered non-profit foundation with the Thai government in October of 2010. BCH’s mission is to assume a holistic approach in protecting these vulnerable children from active human trafficking syndicates operating in the vast northern region of Thailand. They nurture the young people in their care; strive to unlock each child’s individual potential while providing guidance and support at critical junctures, in order to develop responsible and economically active citizens of the state.


Charities within Reach first connected with BCH in 2010 when Judy LaBuda visited BCH as a part of their work with children’s homes in northern Thailand.  Subsequently, Mr. Michael Travis, a friend of CWR and a dentist in Boulder, Colorado, along with his family, set up a dental clinic at BCH, where he treated almost every child that lives at BCH.


In June of 2012 a Charities Within Reach travel team found themselves searching for a home for two teenage girls.  They approached Pastor Prathuan and Supannee but discovered there was little to no room at BCH, as the girl’s dorm was overflowing.  CWR developed a plan to support building an addition to the girl’s dorm, which enabled CWR to place these two teenage girls at BCH.  This endeavor cemented CWR’s long-term partnership with BCH.




















In January of 2013 another CWR travel team visited BCH.  This team finalized the plans for the girl’s dorm expansion and improved the physical infrastructure at BCH.  The construction  of the girl’s dorm expansion was completed in July 2013.

During the January 2013 trip, a team of six travelers began the daunting task of digging up the ground and inserting piping to drain out the sewage and gray water that was standing outside the boy’s dorm.  It took the CWR team, with the help of many of the BCH boys, crude tools and equipment, two days to create an environment free of standing water. CWR also provided the food for a Bar-B-Q dinner for all of BCH children, alumni and neighbors from Faith Home.  It was an amazing evening filled with smiles, laughter, singing dancing and prayer.


Charities Within Reach continues to help Bethany Children's Home through our quartetly donations to help provide an avenue of hope for hill tribe children and to offer each child an opportunity to grow up in a safe, secure and spiritual environment. 

Heather McCarthy, President, with children of Bethany.